Just a few of Senergy's Google Reviews

March 2020

I have dealt with Jeff who is so knowledgeable about solar. He is patient, understanding and goes out of his way to be of help. I would only deal with this company when considering solar. The customer service is outstanding and, with that, I must mention Nathan also. When they say they will call back, they do it and in a very timely manner. Customer service nowadays is such a rarity so please keep this company on your list as the excellent one to deal with.

Valerie F

February 2020

Josh L. did a great job educating me on the benefits of going solar as well as the other financial and technical aspects. Now that I've had solar for a few months, I can definitely attest to being satisfied with the decision I made. Just do it!!

Christopher G.


October 2019

My Family and I have had a great experience with Senergy solar! The Consultants care about saving you money, and the office staff has been extremely helpful with the questions we had throughout the process. Not to mention they respond very quickly!

-Douglas Siebels

May 2019

We have had our solar activated for about nine months now and our bills from TEP have been dropping every month. Our last bill was only $19.91. Joseph was very professional in his sales approach and was at our home on the day of installation. The installation team were promptly here on time and the process only took around six hours. All inspections were completed shortly thereafter and the system has been working fine ever since.  I would highly recommend Joseph and the team from SENERGY!

-Martin Tryk

February 2019

Great company! The owner and employees are great. The salesmen was really informative. If you prefer a smaller ran company that will take the time out of their day to help you, I would go with Senergy.

-Sarah Dela Cruz

September 2018

After having looked at different options we're glad we went with Senergy. They were very helpful and professional throughout the entire process. They answered all our questions and made sure we understood all the details.

-Walter Kirk

April 2018

First off, ask for Steve Burgess. He is excellent. The experience with Senergy has been easy, educational, quick, accommodating...I can go on and on. Not only was Steve always eager to answer our questions and understanding when we needed more information, but even after we have signed and installed, he is still available and willing to help us. If you're interested in solar for your home, please...stop looking; you have come to the right place. At the end of the day, with Senergy, you'll get the exceptional service you deserve. Thanks Steve!!!

-Ariel McKay

Feb 2018

Senergy Power and Solar exceeded all my expectations and beyond. The whole process went very smooth and I felt very comfortable throughout the process. The employees were all very professional and knowledgeable. I would refer Senergy to any person thinking about solar. Thanks again Senergy

-Steve M

June 2017

Senergy was a fantastic company to work with from moment one. Nice people who made the process from start to finish very easy and enjoyable.

Sergio Rodriguez

January 2017

Great service! Mary Jane helped get my system set up in March of 2016. She explained the benefits in great detail, and how the whole lease and installation process worked. She followed up every step of the way. The install was great, the energy savings even better! My house is in San Tan Valley, AZ. I like to keep the house at between 72-76 in the summer. With out solar power on a 1,050 sq ft house, the bill was around $220 per month (for 6 months). With solar, around $105 (lease: 73, power bill: $30) per month in the hot months. Winter was great too. I had 2 months when I received a credit from the power company. I am currently in the process of selling the house as I moved out of state. Transferring the solar lease has been a breeze, and it helped to add value to the house over a similar house with out the system set up. I'm looking forward to buying a house in Austin, TX and getting solar power through Synergy again. The customer service with Synergy is flawless. You will likely never call them because their product works as advertised. And ask for Mary Jane and see if she is in your area. You will be friends with her quickly!

-Dustin Beckman

September 2016

What a wonderful group of folks at Synergy Solar. Every aspect from start to finish was very professional and absolutely top notch. I truly feel that 5 stars are not enough so I am going to give them 10.

Michael Matlock